Project Ability Exhibition

EXHIBITION: 22 – 27 February 2016: Mon – Sat: 10am – 5pm

ARTISTS: Storm Anderson, Heather Duffy, Siera Hodgson, Zoe Lochrie, Laurie McInally, Mila Siczeck, Emily Wilkie

VENUE: Project Ability: Project Space, 3rd floor, 103 Trongate, Glasgow

MANIFESTO is a dynamic, experimental and diverse collection of work created by seven students from the brand new HND Applied Arts course at the City of Glasgow College.

Each artist was challenged to write their own manifesto, centred on political and personal issues, and produce a creative response using ceramic, weave, stitch, print, assemblages of found objects and audio recordings.

No two manifestos are alike but because all of the artists are female, many concern women and the issues they face; including current social responses to rape, the new face of feminism , and the role of the matriarch through three generations of one family living on the Isle of Lewis. Social displacement is visited on both a global scale -the refugee crisis- and more locally, in an emotionally charged focus on adverse social stereotyping.

The subjects explored are familiar and topical, from an insight into the personal identities of the black-clad, coloured hair ‘emos’ who gather in Glasgow’s streets, to the universal impact of symbols and colour, but each has the power to resonate with issues which concern a broad spectrum of visitors.

This is a well-considered and above all, brave exhibition, by Glasgow’s young, emerging artists.

It will be displayed for one week only: be sure not to miss it!

We would love to see you if you get the chance to visit.

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