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Another resounding success – Talks Week!


Over the first 4 days of the first week of the block we had 14 speakers from the Creative Industries speaking to first and second years in my area – C4 Graphic Arts, Professionals and recent graduates providing an uplifting and motivational programme to bring to life the students’ understanding of professional practice, underpinning the Units: Preparing for a Role in the Field of Visual Communication, Working in the Field of Visual Communication, and Professional Studies.

There were well over 100 attendees on average for each presentation, most of which took place in the lecture theatre.

All organised and co-ordinated by Amy Whiten using her contacts.

Students and staff loved it.

Submitted by John Baird.

Women’s Day Event

On Wednesday 8th March 2017, Illustration 1st year students attended the Glasgow Women’s Library performance and workshop at the City Campus. GWL staged a performance with a group of women who had all experienced Hate Crime.

Rachel Thain-Gray, Development Worker at Glasgow Women’s Library, said:

““The performance is an innovative example of using art for social justice. It was named by one of our participants based on Scotland’s national motto, Nemo me impune lacessit, which translates as No-one who harms me will go unpunished.

“Women tell us that hate crime against them is generally different because usually the abuse is paired with misogyny. A disabled woman, for example, may experience hostility against both her gender and disability at the same time during an incident.”

It was a moving performance that led to interesting group discussions in workshops afterwards. Students and staff worked together to share their experiences of Hate Crime and tried to develop tools for individuals to be able to help those experiencing it.

City Radio Logo designed by NC Graphic Arts Portfolio Student


Here is the logo for City Radio, designed by Victoria Gallacher, NC Graphic Arts Portfolio. A great job by Victoria. The brief to design the logo for the college radio station was set as assessed coursework as part of the Corporate Identity Unit. This followed the previous live brief to design a logo for the Mungo Mobility Project.







Student shortlisted for GDFS International Poster Exhibition

Ashleigh Robertson, second year HND Digital Media has been shortlisted to show her submitted poster at GDFS International Poster Exhibition in Scotland’s National Centre for Design and Architecture, The Lighthouse. The top 200 posters will be exhibited from GDFS’ Launch Night on 21st October until 25th November 2015. The exhibition is free to attend and will be open from 10.30am-5pm Monday–Sunday.

A huge congratulations to Ashleigh for making the shortlist, with 3443 entries from 72 countries, this is a fantastic achievement! The 3 overall winners will be announced at the exhibition opening and Launch Night on the 21st October.

Will keep you posted on the outcome.