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More Good Advice For Product Design Students

An ex student, Alan Air, who started on the NC Product Design course 3 years ago came in to speak to the HND students today. Alan is currently in his 3rd year of the Product Design Innovation degree at Strathclyde University.  During the course of his presentation he went through examples of his work and spoke about the transition from College to University.  Alan has been on an educational trip to Seat in Barcelona and produced a product to prevent littering of chewing gum.  Alan has also worked on a collaborative project designing an app which allows dog owners to monitor the health/fitness of their pet through technology integrated into a collar.  There was a Q+A with the students where Alan highlighted he failed his graded unit at College but in his own words “I cried but it was the kick up the a*** I needed”. Some of Alan’s other quotes included, “Use the time to catch up in gaps of knowledge”, “It’s about your process, research, thinking and how you translate yourself onto paper”.  “Expand and explore in order to learn, develop yourself and be a better designer.”  “It’s about 70% hard work and 30% talent, you can’t sail through on talent alone”

The students gained an insight into the level of commitment needed at Higher Education level and how best to prepare for the transition to University.  Alan finished off by inviting the students to see an exhibition of the 3rd year work in the James Weir building. The exhibition was for the design of a speaker which just so happened to be what the 1st year students were doing for their graded unit.

Product Design Staff

Student’s Jewellery Design Inspired by Dyslexia Fight

East Lothian Courier printed an article on how Laura Porteous, an HND Jewellery Design student, was inspired by a poem written by a student on the HNC Professional Writing Skills course.

The article, by Avril Campbell, quoted Laura “The poem was about anxiety and dyslexia.  Through the jewellery I wanted to show how I dealt with my own dyslexia and how someone would hold on to their anxiety or figure out how to let it go.  My piece is a brooch in the shape of a triangle, with silver parts that can move like a jigsaw.  I thought of an iceberg melting to show how i’ve moved on.  I riveted the pieces instead of soldering them, which meant I used a drill and hammer to secure them into place instead of using heat to melt them, making the brooch look a bit more rustic.  I feel this is one of the best pieces I’ve created so far.

Laura said that she believes the course has given her the experience and skills she needs to follow her dream of making a career within the Jewellery profession.

The brooch was exhibited as part of the College’s Creative City Festival.



Good Advice!

An ex student Conor Kirkpatrick, who started on the NC Product Design course 4 years ago, came in to speak to the NC and HND students today.  Conor is currently 5 weeks away from completing his Product Design Degree at Northumberland University.  During the course of his presentation he went through examples of his work and spoke about the transition from College to University. Conor has gone on to achieve placements at companies such as Black and Decker and Tangerine.  There was a Q+A with the students where Conor highlighted he failed his graded unit at College, but in his own words ” it was the kick up the a*** I needed”. Some of Conor’s other quotes included, “don’t just google the sh** out of it, email someone who knows about it”, “get deep into the project”, “the more you do it the better you get at it”, “get your work out there, take the criticism to make you better”.

The students gained an insight into the level of commitment needed towards the end of their education as well as the quality of work Conor had produced through hard work.

Product Design Staff

Product Design students design a clock for Andy Murray

On the 30th March, Andy Murray, a well known Glasgow Designer and former student, came into the college to see team presentations from Product Design students for the design of a clock.
It was a 3 week project and the teams were given £5 and a goodie bag of materials. Using the materials in the bag, £5 and the process of laser cutting they had to design and manufacture a wall hanging clock.

Their design had to be able to be posted through a standard letterbox and fit into the range of products on Andy Murray’s website.

Things the teams had to consider were:
Clever use of materials
Clever use of process

The winner was a semi flexible and fold-able clock.  Andy was very impressed with the results, awarding certificates to the winning team and an Easter egg. The students got a buzz from the experience of working with an outsider designer and gained an insight of what is expected in industry

Poster for Maggie’s May designed by Tamta Basishvili, HNC Media and Communication

Sharon Fagan, Hospitality and Events,  met with John Logan and Linda Soutar from Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) to discuss potential opportunities to work together and help SRM in achieving their goal of raising £1,000,000 over a ten year period. The first project was to run a competition amongst our students to design the poster that will be circulated to promote Maggie’s May and our Creative Industries students were asked to participate.

Tamta Basishvili, HNC Media and Communication, has designed this poster for Maggie’s May, a charity event involving walking, running, cycling for 31,000 km during the month of May

22 entries were received by the closing date on the 24th March and these were reviewed by the judging panel on 28th March. Tamta’s poster was chosen and slightly modified to meet SRM and Maggie’s marketing criteria. The poster is now featured on the landing page for the event and will be soon circulated through the college and other platforms chosen by SRM and Maggie’s.
This has been a great opportunity allowing the college to demonstrate their CSR and enhance the learning experience for our students. Furthermore, John Logan from SRM has organised for the winning student and runners up to have an experience day at the Velodrome – names to be confirmed by John Baird.