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Reminder for CAP Alumni Show Thursday 09 March

You are invited to join the artists and enjoy some light refreshments on Thursday 9th March 2017 @ 5-7pm at:

City of Glasgow College

7th Floor

Creative Industries Gallery

City Campus

The Exhibiting Artists are:

Geraldine Bradshaw     
Helen Cochrane
Beth Conaghan
Julie Fern Crawford
Christina Harris
Nicola Henderson
Shelaine McCormick
Caterina Monasta


Press Release


Untitled – Monday 13th -Tuesday 14th March 2017

The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, Glasgow G2 5AR

Exhibition by 3rd year Contemporary Art Practice from City of Glasgow College

Opening Times: Private View MONDAY 13TH MARCH 6-10PM  



Third Year students of the Contemporary Art Practice Degree Programme at City of Glasgow College present ‘Untitled’ for their March exhibition at The Old Hairdressers. These artists – in – progress are exploring their creative practice and artistic approaches as they express ideas and thought processes across a broad sweep of media.

You are cordially invited to join them at their exhibition private view on Monday at 6pm.

Drinks & Nibbles await you.

Urban to Rural

Runs: Friday 18th– Thursday 24th Nov open daily 9-5pm (closed Sunday)

Location: Gallery Space, 7th Floor, City of Glasgow College City Campus, 190 Cathedral Street, G4 0RF

Free Entry- All welcome

2nd year Illustration students have been exploring the theme of Urban to Rural through an extensive drawing and research project that has taken them to Uist and across their home city. The project is inspired by the Year of Innovation, Architecture, and Design; they have celebrated the buildings and environment around them through drawing, visited linked exhibitions, participated in the AOI Sounds of the City competition and the Inktober online drawing festival.

The exhibition will be an eclectic mix of drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, showcasing the creative talents of 20 emerging designers that are pushing the boundaries of contemporary Illustration.


urban-image3 urban-image2



During Block 3 our HND Illustration students take part in a Client Initiated Brief, over the years they have undertaken all sorts of projects with design agencies and professional organisations all over the city. Due to their lecturer, Amy Whiten’s practice outside of CoGC running Recoat, the projects have leaned towards mural creation in the past 2 years.

Last year Sandra Gunn commissioned the entire class to create a series of Mural designs for the stairwell at the new Riverside Campus. The students could explore various themes while trying to express elements that celebrated the two departments of Nautical Studies and Engineering housed at the campus; Hidden Glasgow, Pathways, Further Education, Transitions, Rhythm, Passion, and Exchange. Five students won the opportunity to paint their designs and the class worked in small teams to paint the murals. The winners were:

Rebecca Cochrane– Two swallows made up of triangles that represent the new opportunities of Education as they herald Spring, the motifs are a small cheeky nod to the old tattoos of sailors and the triangles represent strength, stronger together as building blocks, just like the college and its staff and students.

Chris Friedlein– An abstracted, graphic representation that elevates one of the stairwells in the new campus while eluding to the nature of education and it’s transformative nature.

Katie Murray– 4 ‘waiting’ students with masks or the heads of animals, this piece represenst the journey that students take within education before they leap off into the ‘real world’ and explores the idea that we all have different characteristics and attributes that make us valuable.

Kelly Duncan- Two jellyfish float and touch. This simple, expressive piece is about teamwork and collaboration.

Shane Goldie– A repeating wave of alternating colour flows up the wall. The mural represents the rhythm of the college and education, while eluding to both faculties and depicts the movement of waves; are they brain patterns, sound or something else?

The murals have been welcomed at the new campus and there is hope that further projects will see murals decorating various areas within both new campuses.

david-at-work heads-in-progress img_4557 img_4558


img_4575 img_4576

jellyfishstairs-in-progress swallows-process swallows


Winners of the Performance Costume Competition at the End of Year Show


The prize winners from the Performance Costume Competition, judged on the opening night of the End of Year Show 2016. The competition winners were awarded their prizes last Friday night  ( 4.11.16) at the Bonnetmakers and Dyers Dinner at Trades House.


Adam Brown, Hannah Rastall and Amy Rogers.

1st Prize £500: Amy Rodgers (right hand side)

2nd Prize £300: Hannah Rastall (middle)

3rd Prize £200: Adam Brown

Well done to the students. What a photogenic bunch! You’ve scrubbed up well guys.