More Good Advice For Product Design Students

An ex student, Alan Air, who started on the NC Product Design course 3 years ago came in to speak to the HND students today. Alan is currently in his 3rd year of the Product Design Innovation degree at Strathclyde University.  During the course of his presentation he went through examples of his work and spoke about the transition from College to University.  Alan has been on an educational trip to Seat in Barcelona and produced a product to prevent littering of chewing gum.  Alan has also worked on a collaborative project designing an app which allows dog owners to monitor the health/fitness of their pet through technology integrated into a collar.  There was a Q+A with the students where Alan highlighted he failed his graded unit at College but in his own words “I cried but it was the kick up the a*** I needed”. Some of Alan’s other quotes included, “Use the time to catch up in gaps of knowledge”, “It’s about your process, research, thinking and how you translate yourself onto paper”.  “Expand and explore in order to learn, develop yourself and be a better designer.”  “It’s about 70% hard work and 30% talent, you can’t sail through on talent alone”

The students gained an insight into the level of commitment needed at Higher Education level and how best to prepare for the transition to University.  Alan finished off by inviting the students to see an exhibition of the 3rd year work in the James Weir building. The exhibition was for the design of a speaker which just so happened to be what the 1st year students were doing for their graded unit.

Product Design Staff

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