Student’s Jewellery Design Inspired by Dyslexia Fight

East Lothian Courier printed an article on how Laura Porteous, an HND Jewellery Design student, was inspired by a poem written by a student on the HNC Professional Writing Skills course.

The article, by Avril Campbell, quoted Laura “The poem was about anxiety and dyslexia.  Through the jewellery I wanted to show how I dealt with my own dyslexia and how someone would hold on to their anxiety or figure out how to let it go.  My piece is a brooch in the shape of a triangle, with silver parts that can move like a jigsaw.  I thought of an iceberg melting to show how i’ve moved on.  I riveted the pieces instead of soldering them, which meant I used a drill and hammer to secure them into place instead of using heat to melt them, making the brooch look a bit more rustic.  I feel this is one of the best pieces I’ve created so far.

Laura said that she believes the course has given her the experience and skills she needs to follow her dream of making a career within the Jewellery profession.

The brooch was exhibited as part of the College’s Creative City Festival.



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