Good Advice!

An ex student Conor Kirkpatrick, who started on the NC Product Design course 4 years ago, came in to speak to the NC and HND students today.  Conor is currently 5 weeks away from completing his Product Design Degree at Northumberland University.  During the course of his presentation he went through examples of his work and spoke about the transition from College to University. Conor has gone on to achieve placements at companies such as Black and Decker and Tangerine.  There was a Q+A with the students where Conor highlighted he failed his graded unit at College, but in his own words ” it was the kick up the a*** I needed”. Some of Conor’s other quotes included, “don’t just google the sh** out of it, email someone who knows about it”, “get deep into the project”, “the more you do it the better you get at it”, “get your work out there, take the criticism to make you better”.

The students gained an insight into the level of commitment needed towards the end of their education as well as the quality of work Conor had produced through hard work.

Product Design Staff

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