Audio Engineering Society at City of Glasgow College





Christmas Lecture 14th December 2016.


The Audio Engineering Society is a prestigious, world-wide institution with over 13000 members, founded in 1948 and devoted exclusively to audio technology. In early October 2016, the Society asked City of Glasgow College to host their annual Christmas Lecture which is modelled on the well known Royal Society Christmas Lectures.  The event took the form of a one hour long live streaming and was crewed by a mix of BBC professionals and our final year BA Television students in our breathtaking new studio facility.  This was a test of our new facilities and the training of our students who rose admirably to the challenge.  The BBC were fulsome in their praise of the commitment and professionalism of our students who all went the extra mile in the face of significant difficulties to make sure that the aims of the Society and the BBC were realised in full.  The students had two days in which to meet the BBC people, be briefed on requirements, rig the equipment for a seven camera shoot and broadcast the programme live at 11.00am on Wednesday 14th December.  The programme, although streamed live on the day, will very shortly become available for viewing on Youtube.

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