Faculty success in the Scottish Mentoring Network Awards

The Faculty received the following awards from the Scottish Mentoring Awards

Very Highly Commended Project 2016

City of Glasgow College Interior Design Mentorship

Contact: James Wilson Email: James.wilson@cityofglasgowcollege.ac.uk

The aim of this project was simple; to improve the employability of the college’s Interior Design graduates. City of Glasgow College has delivered Interior Design training for many years and has a good reputation in the profession and many people working in the industry have previously completed the college’s HND programmes. The mentorship programme began in 2015 after joining SMN and receiving initial guidance to set up their programme. The primary objective was for all final year students to have an industry mentor within three years and this was achieved in the second year of the programme. The pilot was a great success with all four mentees involved now working in the profession and the project has expanded rapidly with one hundred percent of final year students now paired with a mentor, a goal originally set for year three of the project which has been achieved a year earlier than planned.

Commended Mentors

City of Glasgow College-Interior Design Mentorship: Ana Christobal; Nicola Gourlay, Lauren Hughes Glass; Fraser Low; Sara Jane Storey.

Highly Commended Staff Members 2016

Marie McGill, City of Glasgow College-Interior Design Mentorship














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