Step Count Challenge Winners

Congratulations on successfully completing City’s ‘Step Count Challenge’- You all smashed it!!

The Step Count Challenge initiative was devised from the college’s Mental Health Strategy, as a way to promote positive mental health and wellbeing between students and staff.  We worked in partnership with ‘Paths For All’ and registered to take part in their autumn challenge. We had 23 teams of 5 register for the event, 10 staff and 13 students.  The challenge lasted for 4 weeks with a record of 23,124,894 steps being achieved by all our participants, which if broken down into miles accumulates too 11.890 miles and is equivalent to walking from Glasgow to Melbourne.

Winning team Road Runners – see pic below (unfortunately Alan is missing)

Winning student David Rhys Dunn   

Winning staff member Alan Carlin


Step Count Challenge Winners: Kirsty Graham, Eleanor McCormick,Donna Wilkins and Fiona Rodger with Ian Gilmour, Student President, who presented the award and Robert Scullion, Student Engagement Officer, who organised it in College.  Unfortunately Alan Carlin was not in college on the day the picture was taken.




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