Turning Point Murals Tradeston

During Block 3 our HND Illustration students will take part in a Client Initiated Brief.  Over the years they have undertaken all sorts of projects with design agencies and professional organisations all over the city. Due to their lecturer, Amy Whiten’s practice outside of CoGC running her company, Recoat, the projects have leaned towards mural creation in the past two years.

In 2014 students worked with a local shelter for people experiencing homelessness issues to decorate their building with murals that helped make it more welcoming and illustrated what the service provided. 4 students’ pieces were selected by the organisation and the entire class learned new skills in  painting the pieces.

You can see the varied murals at Turning Point in Tradeston. A pair of hands releases a cloud of butterflies, a decorative mural that represents the transformative work of the centre, new beginnings and aiming for a better life.  Around the corner a figure is being ‘put back together’ one piece at a time showing the journey that people take at the centre.  At the main door a lighthouse acts as a Beacon of Hope, shining the way to the front door and a safe haven. The largest mural is a mixture of three students’ work and is a celebration of Glasgow’s regeneration.

The student’s learned a lot, visiting the centre and meeting its users, how to manage a project from start to finish, how to present to a real client and mural painting skills.

img_9739 img_9738 img_9735 img_9734 img_9732 img_9729 img_9728
img_9723 img_9722 img_9720 img_9718

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