Inktober Festival


This year our Illustration students across 1st and 2nd year were invited to participate in the online drawing festival, Inktober. It is a simple project that invites anyone who loves to draw to create one ink drawing per day for the whole of October and to upload them to their chosen online platform using the hashtag #inktober2016 . Artists of all levels take part from all over the globe so it was exciting for our students to take part and share their work. It was hoped the project would be a fun way to bring the department together, but also good practice drawing every day and the start of feeling more confident about posting work online. Illustration students and lecturers took part and generated hundreds of varied ink drawings over the space of one month. COGC students used the additional tags of #inktobercogc and #illustrationcogc and the college twitter account selected drawings to retweet throughout October. You can now use these tags to search for the work and explore what our students created.

amy andrew celina christina louise nicole


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