Passive Speaker Collaborative Project

Earlier this year Keith Moir’s NC Product Designers were tasked with proto-typing a small smartphone passive speaker. They explored materials and build techniques during the process of creating their very own speaker. They then partnered up with Amy Whiten’s HNC Illustrators to commission them to decorate the speakers with music genre specific designs. The Illustrators researched their given genres before meeting with their ‘clients’ for feedback on their initial ideas. The groups worked together to select the most appropriate designs before the Illustrators developed them further and applied their illustrations to the products. The students met one final time when they reviewed their product and presented their finished pieces to the group.

This project was useful in showing two quite dissimilar departments their differences in process and sharing ideas and creative practices. It also showed NC students how HNC students work in sketchbooks and was an interesting opportunity for illustration students to work on a 3D object and consider application processes that they normally don’t get access to.

colab-students-1 colab-students-2 colab-students-3 colab-students-4 passive-speakers-1

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