New Window for Glasgow Cathedral

City of Glasgow College, Faculty of Creative Industries, Design Crafts, have submitted a quote of tender to Glasgow Cathedral for the manufacture and design of a new stained glass window.

Staff and students were invited to submit design ideas in line with the brief below.


 “The committee would confirm, the theme chosen is a depiction of-The Tree of Jesse.

To be interpreted in a creative manner, yet bearing in mind the ambience involved. It is further suggested, that a discreet reference be made to the late Dr William Morris, past minister, perhaps in the inclusion of the K.C.V.O., uniquely awarded to him”.

The designs will be shortlisted and it is hoped to submit 4 final designs to the committee which will be made up of members from – Glasgow Cathedral, The Church of Scotland and Historic Scotland.

All designs will be returned with an authenticated stamp showing submission for this prestigious commission.

The winning design will be realised by the college’s Art Glass Design Students/Staff and will be installed by a private contractor.  It is expected that the tender and design will be finalised in July 2016.

It is also hoped that Her Majesty the Queen will consent to unveil the completed window.

If you would like any further information please contact








Millennium Window by John K Clark

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