Creative City Press Release


The Faculty of Creative Industries at City of Glasgow College is to hold Creative City, a two-week festival of creative events, from 29th February to 11th March. Festival fortnight will see a range of events and exhibitions, inside the college and at various city venues, showcasing the talents of students from the faculty.

After a successful debut last year, the festival is back again, bigger and better, for its second year. From plays, gigs and comedy, via murder mystery events and gaming tournaments, to improve comedy, there are events to suit everyone … there’s even a drag show which, as well as being a lot of fun, will raise awareness of LGBT issues. Venues include iconic Glasgow institutions such as Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, The Clutha and Scottish Youth Theatre, as well as the college buildings themselves.

The college is in its last year in its current buildings, before moving on to purpose-built new premises in summer, and the theme of New Beginnings is incorporated into some of the events, most notably a co-inspired exhibition of poetry and jewellery, and a sound installation that seeks to capture the sounds of the old building and present them in creative and imaginative ways.

All events are open to the public, which is important to lecturer and festival curator John Clarke. “Education has changed in recent years,” he says. “College students spend much more time on practical projects and working in vocationally-relevant ways. As part of this, it’s vital to have a real platform for their work, with real deadlines, real consequences and most importantly real audiences.  The festival events either feature the work or performance of students, or were organised by them, and it’s great for them to be able to see people’s reactions to their hard work.”

Collaboration is also a key theme for the festival, as Clarke emphasises. “Design and model-making students have made sets and costumes for the Drama production, jewellers and poets are working together, and media students will be documenting the festival in written, audio, video and photographic forms. Graphic design students made the logo and the posters. The students have really taken ownership of the whole festival. We hope that lots of people will come to the events and see how talented the next generation of creative professionals are.”

Click on Creative city 2016  to access a Programme of Events

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