Creative City Festival News

Creative City is upon us again! You might recall the mini-festival from last February, which showcased the talents of students from the Faculty of Creative Industries and beyond. This year the festival stretches over two weeks, 29th February – 11th March and includes over twenty events, both inside the college and across a range of public venues. The events either feature the work and performance of the students or are organised by them as part of their curriculum – in some cases both. Brochures and posters will be coming out in the next week or so, with information on all the events.  Please spread the word to your students, friends, families, pets, golf partners, milkmen, pizza delivery people etc etc. The students are putting a huge amount of work into these events and it would be fantastic to see them well-attended. Thanks in advance for your support.
There is a Creative City 2016 MyCity timeline page which will be providing updates on the festival, if you’d like to follow it.
John Clarke
PS – We are still looking for a few more volunteers to play music in the foyer at lunchtimes during festival fortnight, so if you or your students are musical and willing, please let me know!
Emma Biggins, NC Graphic Arts portfolio wins the logo competition for our Creative City festival starting at the end of the month. We ran the competition as part of the Corporate Identity Unit, which was also assessed coursework. We will be offering her a cash prize of £100.

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