College Receives a Mention in Creative Review

“Gradwatch: Alan Knox

After touring this year’s degree shows, we’ve selected visual communications graduates from across the UK who we feel have produced outstanding creative portfolios. Here, we speak to photographer Alan Knox, who has just graduated with a first class degree in communication design from Glasgow School of Art and been selected as one of Daniel Blau Gallery’s 5 Under 30.

CR: When did you first become interested in photography?

AN: Although I’d always enjoyed taking photographs, my first memory of wanting to become a professional photographer came after viewing the 1990’s BBC TV series Shooting the Past directed by Steven Poliakoff. I remember watching it and being captivated by a film where the story unfolded through still photographs, it was then that I first realised the narrative potential of photography. Later, whilst studying for an HND in Professional Photography at City of Glasgow College, I attended a class trip to an exhibition of the work of Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, where I remember being overwhelmed by the sheer scale of both the physicality of the prints and the ideas on display. It was this exposure to conceptual photography during college which confirmed to me that this was where my passion lay.”

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