Production of ‘Thebans’

HND Drama students will be presenting Liz Lochheads Greek tragedy “Thebans” at the Brian Cox studio Theatre, 105 Brunswick Street, Glasgow,     G1 1TF. In THEBANS Liz Lochhead , working from the classic dramas of Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus, re-tells in a single play the ancient stories of the kingdom of Thebes: of Oedipus the King, of Jokastahis mother/wife, and their children, the warring brothers Polyneikes and Eteokles and the sisters Ismene and Antigone who dies rather than obey Oedipus`s successor King Kreon, her uncle, and leave her brothers corpse unburied…”
This is a play where no character escapes their fate, a fate decreed by the Gods or self inflicted by human frailty.
This production will be an integrated project utilising the skills and creativity of other Curriculum Teams namely:  Model Making, Graphic Design and interior Design.  More info and pictures will be available when the production is up and running during the second semester.

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