Animals take over the parliament!

Animal Farm was first performed by HNC Drama Students at Websters Theatre, Glasgow in Feb 2015. This project was an example of integrated working between various Depts within the City of Glasgow College, namely mask making (Model Making), set design (Interior Design), poster/programme (Graphic Design), set construction (Furniture Design) and performance (Acting and Performance) . The working together of students from these differing courses to achieve a unified project could be said to mirror the aims of Animal Farm, that collective working amongst many and sharing of skills will develop harmony, a sense of achievement and a focus for work.
Presenting an extract of the play, in a “flashmob style” in the Scottish Parliament building was very apt for the play’s political themes and the students had great day out and thoroughly enjoyed the experience in performing the extract once more
 Animal Farm at Parliament pic 2Animal Farm at Parliament pic 1

Message from Joanne Buchan, Public Affairs and Communications Officer, Colleges Scotland:
“I am writing to personally thank City of Glasgow College for performing at our annual Parliamentary Reception on Tuesday night.  We were delighted with the turnout, especially with the number of MSPs who attended.

We have uploaded some photos on our Facebook page (more to be uploaded on Monday), you can access them by following the link below:

I hope that we can work together again on future events.

Thanks again



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